Derik Newton, LMT
Client Testimonials:
"Amazing 1.5 hours of bodywork with Derik Newton LMT, After 3 months of intense triathlon training, my body needed it.  
Thank you Derik!"

"...I want you to know that I value your work so much, I've been pain free since our last session for the first time in two years."

Grateful, Judith

"After visiting with Derik I noticed immediate 
relief.  He was able to find deep tissue problems that my doctor had overlooked, and his detailed knowledge of anatomy helped to improve the course of my treatment with my physical therapist.  It seems that he has an intuitive sense for healing, easily finding the areas that cause me the most trouble and effectively working the tension away"

"I was only able to spend 20 minutes with Derik at a yoga event, but I knew the first few seconds how healing his hands are.  I have
 neck and shoulder pain, which I'm convinced are from years of emotional roller coasters.  I felt safe in Derik's care, and I felt immediate softening of both physical and emotional pain."

"Everyone gets a pain or ache once in a while, and usually a couple of Motrins camouflages that pain until it goes away.  I developed an uncomfortable pain in my upper back and neck area, and it lasted through a few ibuprofen doses.  The pain began to effect my work, and so I visited a chiropractor.  His treatments helped, but not completely - as pain would quickly return.  He suggested a message therapist, and that's when I visited Derik, and he quickly identified severely tight muscles (knots?) in my back and spinal cord area.  His deep message techniques worked out the knots, and resulted in the pain completely disappearing, and as an additional benefit, my back and muscles are more fluid and relaxed than ever!

I would recommend Derik to anyone with chronic, unexplained pain.  His efforts work!"


"Derik is a True Healer, I am forever grateful, as he gave me my Quality of life back.  I must admit, although I was initially skeptical, but to my surprise, he was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !
  I was initially hesitant because I was afraid of being hurt, as I was already in so much discomfort, but at the end, the results were astounding, as I found myself delightfully and incredibly pain free, that awful pain was gone.  Thanks Derik :-)

Some background, I lived for over a year with deep debilitating elbow pain, to the point that it kept me from going to sleep at night, or would ultimately wake me up multiple times a night.  During the day, my pain interfered with normal tasks, from doing laundry, to washing dishes, to grocery shopping.  In addition to my elbow pain, I was in agony under my back right shoulder blade (same as elbow side) as the the months went by, and found that I could not find any comfortable position, even doing the most trivial of daily activities (such as sitting to watch TV), and needless to say at this point, sleeping was unbearable.

It's now been 10 months, and I continue to be completely pain free in both my elbows & shoulder blade.  Your the Best Derik, Thanks"


"Derik, I just wanted to say Thanks, to be honest I thought it was going to be a bunch of bull, as I'm always hearing about people's miracle cures (Sounds a lot like VooDoo to me), but after you working on me, much to my surprise, I could not beleive how pain-free I have been, and just wanted to say again, THANKS !!!  I was going out of my mind in pain, to the point that I was afraid that I was going to require a hip replacement.  I could not even stand up and pee straight without pain.  The thought of the imminent possibility of loss of income, my main concern was whether I would be able to continue with my profession at all.  I'm a cabinet maker by trade, and my ability to earn a living was threatened.  As the days, weeks & months passed, I continued to find a way to grind through the days.  Pain would shoot down my butt cheeks and through my legs.  Miraculously so, after a single session with you, the pain was gone and I have my life back.

When I think of the doctors I went to, all they did was prescribe prescription drugs (pain relievers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories) and I soon realized that I wanted no part of that.  I was afraid of potential surgeries and lost income, I was in despair.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful impact you had in my life.  Thank U !!!"


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